Temporary Changes due to Covid 19

We understand your holiday this year is going to be a bit different due to the current and unusual circumstances, therefore we wanted to make sure you feel safe and prepared for your trip. We kindly ask our guests to follow the COVID-19 holiday guidance set out below:
The UK-wide We're Good to Go' industry standard provides you with the confidence that we are continually working hard to adhere to government and public health guidance and have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment.
  • Major supermarket deliveries will be difficult however there are huge numbers of local suppliers, shops and stalls selling and delivering locally. If you prepare, investigate and pre-order as best you can, you will benefit from a wide range of wonderful local produce. Our advice is to spend time on the web before your holiday to plan things carefully. The more you plan, the more enjoyable your holiday will be. We recommend your initial supermarket shop is done at home so you bring what you need for the first few days. This way it means you can relax as soon as you arrive.
  • If there is any information you want about local activities/events/food deliveries please let me know and I will do my best to find out for you prior to your arrival.

DO NOT TRAVEL if you, or any of your party, display any symptoms of Covid 19

  • As we live on site, the house will be open for your arrival – please telephone/text Ali on 07748 651564 to give an approximate time of arrival and then also when you arrive
  • We love to welcome our guests personally however we are going to safely distance and leave you to settle yourselves in upon arrival.
  • Please wash your hands on entering the house and each time you return from being outside.
  • We recommend your initial supermarket shop is done at home so you bring what you need for the first few days. This way it means you can relax as soon as you arrive.
  • If you have any questions about the house, please text or phone Ali on 07748 651564.
Your Stay
  • Order in – our lovely local pubs and cafes have adapted their services so you can take away your favourite choices from the menu.
  • Please do not invite friends/family out with your booking to come and visit.
  • We ask that you do not wander around the farm but to remain at the house/garden area during your stay.
  • You are welcome to say hello to the sheep/cows/alpacas which are in the fields next to the house however we advise not to try and touch them as they have teeth and can bite (please do not feed them nor go in the fields with them).
  • If you develop symptoms during your stay, please return home immediately if you can and inform Ali by telephoning 07748 651564.
  • If you cannot go home you must self isolate in accordance with government guidelines and inform Ali by telephoning 07748 651564. In this event you will be expected to pay for an additional stay at the weekly rate advertised for that week. Please ensure your travel insurance covers for this possibility.
  • Please strip the beds: place the duvet covers/pillow cases in the laundry bag and zip up.
  • Please place ALL towels in separate laundry bag and zip up.
  • Please place laundry bags near front door.
  • Please do not leave any food stuffs, or any items you have brought with you, at the house.
  • Please take all rubbish and place in appropriate bins which are situated at the end of the farm road.
  • Ensure that the house is left in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Please load the dishwasher with as much cutlery and crockery as possible and put on the hottest wash.
  • Open all windows.
Extra Property Precautions
  • All books, DVDs and games will be unavailable at this time.
  • Please do not leave any books or games for the same reason.
  • Air the house as much as you can during your stay.
  • Please observe as high a level of hygiene as possible during your stay.
  • Hand gel will be available, but you should bring your own.
  • Cleaning materials and disinfectants will be available for you to use during your stay.
  • It is your responsibility to provide your own PPE during your stay.
  • Please close off any bedroom you do not use.
  • We have removed unnecessary soft furnishings such as throws and scatter cushions for now.
  • Local shops require the use of face coverings – please observe.

Please contact us if you have any questions on the above

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1786 871121 (please leave message if no answer and we will get back to you asap), or get in touch by email: