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Saved from Death Row

Monday, 25 January 2016

When I heard that she was about to be 'dispatched' I was horrified... we had bonded through my monthly visits and when I looked into her eyes I knew I had to do something.  

Everyone meet Tammy! Her full name is Tammy Swinette and she is a Large White (farm hog) who had been used for breeding purposes.  However, as she never produced a litter in 2015 it was time for her to go... which is where I stepped in.  Her then owner very kindly offered her to me as she had become attached to her too... even though she couldn't keep her... and she knew that she would have the time of her life coming to Arnbeg.. especially since I already has Betti and Wilma... the resident pot bellied piggies.

You can follow her progress on Facebook by going to the page "Wilma Warrior Pig"

Tammy Swinette Tammy Swinette